A first rate collection of books and periodicals about Canada's North and the Northwest Territories is available from

A northern periodical recently named Magazine of the Year in Canada is Up here magazine:

Here are some classics for a starter Northwest Territories library.

Aurora - The Mysterious Northern Lights: Savage, Candace. Why and how the northern lights exist. Explains both legends and scientific facts.

Blue Lake & Rocky Shore: Bastedo, Jamie. Field guide to the trails around Yellowknife.

Canada's Western Arctic Including the Dempster Highway: the Western Arctic Handbook Committee, 2002.

Canoeing Canada's Northwest Territories: McCreadie, Mary. Canoeing guide includes history and river profiles.

Fire Into Ice, Charles Fipke: Frolick, Vernon. True story of Chuck Fipke, the man who staked the first diamond claim in the NWT, resulting in a mining boom.

Fly Fishing in the Northwest Territories: Hanks, Chris. How and where to fish in the NWT.

Great Bear, A Journey Remembered: Watt, F.B. Prospecting around Great Bear Lake in the 1930s.

Hunters of the Alpine Ice, The NWT Ice Patch Study: Thomas D. Andrews, Glen MacKay & Leon Andrew. Human and environmental history is revealed as 5000 year-old ice retreats in the Mackenzie Mountains.

Mad Trapper of Rat River: North, Dick. Popular telling of the first ever aerial search for a killer.

Nahanni - River Guide: Jowett, Peter. Guide to the Nahanni Region, including river descriptions and hiking attractions.

Nahanni: River of Gold: Nahanni River Outfitters. Visual journey on the South Nahanni River.

The Dangerous River: R.M. Patterson. Classic story of the Nahanni.

Walk on the Canol Road: Gage, S.R. The one and only guide to the Canol. (May be out of print).

Yamoria the Lawmaker: Blondin, George. Stories of the Dene medicine man and lawmaker Yamoria.