Did you Know?

Yellowknife’s airport is the busiest in Northern Canada
Some of our smaller planes can only fly during daylight hours, which translates to a narrow window of flying time during our winters, but almost unlimited flying in our midnight-sun drenched summers
Many of our smaller planes can be fitted up for landing on wheels, skis, tundra tires or floats
A number of our airlines fly combis (or combi aircraft) which are planes that can be fitted for cargo or passengers, or, commonly, a combination of the two. If you’re flying in a combi, don’t be surprised to find a good portion of the plane separated with a partition wall which divides cargo from passengers.
We have four large commercial airlines that service the north: First Air and Canadian North are based in the North, Air Canada and WestJet have southern bases
On smaller planes, there is no assigned seating and if snacks are offered, it’s often the co-pilot who distributes them
Buffalo Airways (of “Ice Pilots NWT” fame) flies vintage DC3s on scheduled flights between Yellowknife and Hay River
In July, 2012 over 100 pilots from across North America will land their planes in Yellowknife at the “Great Canadian Fly-In” event. Our northern mystique and bush pilot heritage are said to be the main draws for pilots from as far away as Texas and California. The only tricky thing might be finding the space to park the planes: http://www.crosscanadaflight.com/press.htm