Top Reasons to Fish in the NWT

Trophy Catches
Plan to fish in the NWT?  You may want to bulk up.  Great Bear and Great Slave Lake are notorious for wrestling matches with trophy-sized fish.  Great Bear Lake is the largest lake completely within Canada yet fewer than 400 anglers cast a line each year.  Even those new to fishing can pull something substantial from the lake’s depth. A whopping 78.85 pound Lake Trout pulled from Great Bear Lake even set an official world record.  Plan a getaway to set your own record. Plummer’s Lodge 
Quality and Quantity
It’s not often that a lake offers both quality and quantity – but in the NWT, you’ll find just that. It’s not unusual for anglers to catch 6 to 8 Northern Pike in an action packed afternoon on Great Slave Lake. You just have to know the fishing hot spots, and our experienced fishing outfitters do just that. Bluefish Services
Shore Lunches
Perhaps the best part of fishing is the savoury meal it provides.  Bring your appetite - our northern gourmet shore lunches aren’t soon forgotten.  Try fresh white fish cooked over an open flame and served with delicious sides and dessert. Yellowknife Outdoor Adventures is known for lip-smacking meals.
Peaceful Isolation
It’s not uncommon to be the only boat on the water – with thousands of lakes in the NWT there is no shortage of space.  Get back to nature: listen to birds call to one another, watch as curious beavers play along the water’s edge and keep an eye on the clear lake water for a glimpse of fish swimming below. Yellow Dog Lodge
Fishing (Nearly) All Year Long!
Our notoriously chilly winters mean a long ice fishing season.  Skidoo or dogsled onto a frozen lake and auger a hole through 5 feet of ice to earn northern pride.  Construct a snow castle to block wind, set up a lawn chair and wait for hungry fish to bite. Trout Rock Lodge
Cast Beneath the Midnight Sun
Because the sun hovers for so long in the summer months, there’s no reason to put away your rod.  In some spots the sun doesn’t set for months at a time, and instead, the land revels in long-lasting twilight.  Watch the sky blush and beam before you as you cast long into the night. Kasba Lake Lodge
Guides: the Best of the Best
Our knowledgeable guides eat, sleep and breathe fishing.  It’s not simply a hobby for these experts, it’s a lifestyle.  Pondering whether you should go with the 5-of-diamonds or a jigging spoon?  These folks will advise then regale you with tales of past fishing adventures.  Frontier Fishing Lodge
Stops Along the Way
When venturing north for a fishing excursion, be sure to stop by the beautiful 60th Parallel Visitor Centre which celebrated its grand opening in early June.  Also, opt to spend a night sleeping beneath the midnight sun in award-winning Fred Henne Campground in Yellowknife. For more information on fishing in the NWT, contact Northwest Territories Tourism at We can provide you with a Sport Fishing Regulations Guide as well.