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Aurora: Solar Maximum

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The Northwest Territories has always been the best place to see the spectacular Aurora Borealis, but this amazing phenomenon is about to get even better. Scientists are predicting the strongest Solar Maximum in 50 years will arrive between 2010 and 2013, setting the stage for what should be the greatest northern lights spectacle of the new millennium. NASA researchers are predicting that this next cycle of Solar Maximum could be the strongest since the historic maximum in 1958 in which the northern lights could be seen as far south as 42 degrees latitude (which is as far south as Point Pelee in Ontario).

Nahanni National Park - New Adventures


The Nahanni National Park Reserve in the Northwest Territories has grown to six times its size. Nahanni Wilderness Adventures is celebrating the expansion of Nahanni National Park Reserve with the creation of some exciting new river and hiking expeditions. For the wilderness enthusiast who may not have the whitewater skills to canoe a Class 3 river they are offering trips that use Aire inflatable kayaks as solo or tandem to run through the waves. Aire kayaks add fun and excitement to Canada's most celebrated wilderness raft trip. The rafts become a mothership for a fleet of play boats. The buoyant and forgiving nature of the kayaks make the trip available to people with limited river experience.