Here is a small sample of some itineraries for a visit to the Northwest Territories. Note that all media visits to the Northwest Territories are customized, so these itineraries are offered only to give ideas for activities that can be included in a visit. NWT Tourism does not host large media groups - media travelling individually is most common. It is also important to note that NWT Tourism does not typically accompany media visiting the territory.   

  • Location: Yellowknife

Fall can be one of the best times of year to view the Aurora Borealis in the Northwest Territories. Late August to early October has nights of darkness which are still warm enough to venture outside with a light jacket. Capturing the reflection of the Aurora in lakes is a particular pleasure for photographers. This itinerary will introduce you to the beautiful city of Yellowknife and all the activities it has to offer in one of the busiest seasons, fall Aurora season.

  • Location: Inuvik

Enjoy one of the most authentic cultural experiences in Canada's Arctic at the Muskrat Jamboree. The Muskrat Jamboree is a vibrant and fun festival in Inuvik during the month of March. The festival includes traditional food, cultural games, music and dancing. Enjoy the full experience of the festival and also the chance to see locals herd over 3000 domestic reindeer on snowmobiles.

The tour starts in Yellowknife, the vibrant capital city of the Northwest Territories.

  • Location: Yellowknife

Winter Aurora season is one of Yellowknife's busiest times of the year. You will enjoy the glittering Aurora dancing across the sky from a rooftop deck or while being pulled by a northern dog team on a traditional dogsled. It is a magical time to experience a true winter in the beautiful snow-covered city of Yellowknife.

  • Location: Wood Buffalo National Park

Driving in the Northwest Territories is beautiful and scenic. The roads are very quiet and wilderness surrounds you. Enjoy a leisurely drive of the scenic waterfalls route in the southern Northwest Territories and finish the trip off by stopping at Canada's largest National Park, Wood Buffalo National Park.

  • Location: Nahanni National Park Reserve

Nahanni National Park is one of the most beautiful places in all of Canada. Nahanni National Park was the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in the World, a designation granted in 1978. During your trip you will have the chance to spend time in Yellowknife to see the Aurora and then fly to Fort Simpson, which is the gateway to the Nahanni. You will have a full day tour in the park where you will see the iconic Virginia Falls, Glacier Lake and Little Doctor Lake.