Nahanni National Park is one of the most beautiful places in all of Canada. Nahanni National Park was the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in the World, a designation granted in 1978. During your trip you will have the chance to spend time in Yellowknife to see the Aurora and then fly to Fort Simpson, which is the gateway to the Nahanni. You will have a full day tour in the park where you will see the iconic Virginia Falls, Glacier Lake and Little Doctor Lake.

Nahanni National Park Reserve

Day 1

Early Afternoon

Arrive in Yellowknife

Welcome to the Northwest Territories! Set in the wondrous natural surroundings of Great Slave Lake, Yellowknife is a remarkably modern city. It's a city where you can experience authentic nature and traditional culture without foregoing urban amenities. Whether you are exploring the backroads, dancing under the Aurora Borealis, enjoying a dogsled ride, ice fishing for world class trophies or watching the skillful cutting of a brilliant northern diamond, we know you'll enjoy the character of our city and feel the warmth of our northern hospitality.


Yellowknife Tour

Enjoy a customized experience in Yellowknife this afternoon. Your guide will take you on city wide tour and give you some insights of what it is like to live in the North. They will take you to all the iconic sites including, Pilots' Monument, the mine heritage centre, the Legislative Assembly and the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre.

Day 2


Depart Yellowknife

Take a quick 1-hour flight from Yellowknife to Fort Simpson in the Dehcho region.


Arrive in Fort Simpson

Welcome to Fort Simpson! You will have the afternoon to explore the quaint town of Fort Simpson.

Start by checking out the visitor's centre, and meet the local characters as you get to know this unique community. Fort Simpson has an interesting history and walking tours are offered as an introduction. Visit prospector Albert Faille's cabin, the Papal Grounds, and Fort Simpson Heritage Park, the most likely location of the first trading post here in 1801. The Village's visitor information centre has displays on the history, culture and geography of the region. The administration office for Nahanni National Park Reserve is in Fort Simpson as well, and provides information, reservation and registration services.

High quality items are available, from clothing to unique wall decor featuring fine beadwork, moose hair tufting and quillwork.

Day 3

Full Day

Flightseeing Within Nahanni National Park Reserve

Fly-in day tour: 6-8 hours, 3 stops. This exciting journey starts as the Virginia Falls tour, and then continues further into the mountains. First stop at Virginia Falls and feel the thundering power of the falls. Next you will fly to Glacier Lake where you will see the magnificent Cirque of the Unclimbables, a group of several cirques with 9000' peaks that drain through Fairy Meadow, an idyllic alpine garden. A brief stop at Glacier Lake allows you time to take in the spectacular view of Mount Harrison Smith - one of the highest mountains in the Ragged Range. Continuing the tour over Rabbit Kettle Lake, you will see the bizarre Tufa Mounds. A stop at Little Doctor Lake and the Nahanni Mountain Lodge to relax and enjoy the scenery completes the tour as you head back to Fort Simpson.

Day 4


Depart Fort Simpson

Take another quick 1 hour flight back to Yellowknife.


Afternoon Fishing on Great Slave Lake

Boat out to Yellowknife Bay on Great Slave Lake end enjoy a harbour tour, house boats and sightseeing. With your guide spend the afternoon fishing for Northern Pike and enjoy a delicious shore lunch.

Day 5


Depart Yellowknife